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1. Picture Play, June 1917

Mae Marsh Cover, full page portraits of: Elsie Ferguson, Valeska Suratt, Doris Pawn, Arthur Ashley, Francelia Billington, Ruth Stonehouse, Marshall Neilan, George Fisher, Constance Talmadge, Kenneth Harlan, Kathleen Clifford, Sheldon Lewis, MarthaEarly; Photos of :Mary Pickford and her mother, J Stuart Blackton, Cecil B Demille with Adolph Zuckor, Jesse Lasky and Samuel Goldfish; Charles Pathr, Margaret Illington with Jesse Lasky, Several of Mae Marsh alone and with others such as her sister and niece, George M Cohan with Ethel Barrymore, Earle Williams with Florence Turner; Margaret Thompson x 2, George M Cohan with group, Alice Brady, Douglas Fairbanks x 2, WIlliam Russell with Mary Miles Minter (also photographed with her mother,) Irene Castle, Francelia Billington, George Beban, Peggy Burke, Grace Darmond, Hobart Bosworth, Charles Hayden, and so many others! Sketches of Charlie Chaplin, Ruth Roland, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and many others,

A 4 page article on how cartoons are madewith photos of early animators, 4 pages on how film will be in color in the future, how sets are made, articles on Mae Marsh, Madge Kennedy, Charlie Ray, Thomas H Ince, Mothers of the Stars including Mary Miles Minter, Screen Gossip, 10 pages onJesse Lasky's "the School for Husbands" with photos from the film, Before The Were Stars including photos: Tyrone Power and 9 others, The Picture Oracle, and much much more about the pioneers of film, about 150 pages and many wonderful ads including: Oliver Typewriters, LC Smith & Bros Typewriters, Ingram's Milkwood Cream, and heaps more..


2. THEATRE MAGAZINE - October 1927

- Clara Bow (the ONLY redheaded star on the screen) Cover; Artwork cover by HAL PHYFE; 10 x 13 Issue; A BEAUTIFUL High QUALITY magazine with slick pages & superb photography throughout; Inside articles on: Al Jolson, the Movie Studios, Elinor Glyn (the meaning of the IT girl), D.W. Griffith, Casey Roberts, Lon Chaney, Emil Jannings, FASHIONS by DRECOLL, and HAT fashions by Henri Bendel, and FULL PAGE Portraits of: Mary Astor, Phoebe Foster, Madeleine Fairbanks, Greta Garbo (GORGEOUS portrait by RUTH HARRIET LOUISE), Lois Moran, Basil Rathbone, Louise Fazenda, Colleen Moore, Lucille Mendez & Ralph Ince, Anna Q. Nilsson. and lots more.



Jay Little, pseudonym of Clarence L. Miller

In the annals of vintage gay fiction, one author stands out as truly an enigma: Jay Little. Most people today have never heard of him. You won't find his books in stylishly designed reprints at Barnes & Noble or Borders. You can't download him on Kindle. Or read him on Google Book Search. Not yet, at least. In fact, the two books he wrote are almost completely forgotten, except by collectors And yet, Jay Little was one of the most influential gay writers of the 20th century. His two novels, Maybe-Tomorrow and Somewhere Between the Two, both self-published under a pseudonym by a vanity press, were surprising bestsellers.



5. After Dark, issues from 1970 -1975.

Famous for gay content and photography and indepth interviews with legends of stage and screen. Photos by Ken Ducan, including occasional nudes. Reviews of plays on and off Broadway. a fantastic reasource. Will index later. Ask about specific issues or buy collection.


6. Original Theater Chairs from Aspen's The Wheeler Opera House.

These are the iron filigree with Morrocan leather chairs that survived the 1912 fire, not the later modern seats resold after the last renovation. 2 joined seats that form an elegant bench. Elaborate Victorian details and rich with history. Unique for a Colorado collector or showplace home.


7. Fountian of Youth, motion lamps. 2 for parts.


8. Art Nouveau Silverware:

Nenuphar, Moselle, Charter Oak, La Vigne, Royal, Louvre, Fleur de Luce, Mystic, Tudor, Columbia, La Parisienne, Georgian, Easter Lily, Canterbury, Vintage Grape, Berwick or Diana, and so many others.


9. Royal Staffordshire Iris Flow Blue dinner plates.

10: Autograph Collections.

11. Hundreds of 78 rpm records for sale.


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