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The painitng studio will be open for enrolled art students . Students must sign in and out with the monitor and follow all studio policies and procedures, especially those involving clean up. On Saturdays students must enter the building by Door 4. Open studio sessions are posted on each studio door. Before driving in, please check our website to see if there have been any cancellations: www.frccart.com




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Syllabus Highlights:




1: 8/26, 2: 8/28, 3: 9/4, 4:9/9, 5. 9/11, 6: 9/16, 7: 9/18, 8: 9/23, 9: 9/25, 10: 9/30, 11: 10/2, 12: 10/7, 13: 10/9, 14: SAT 10/12 NO CLASS: MON10/14, 15: 10/16, 16: 10/21, 17: 10/23, 18: 10/28, 19: 10/30, 120: 11/4, 21: 11/6, 22: 11/11, 23: 11/13, 24: 11/18, 25: 11/20, 26: 12/2, 27: 12/4, 28: 12/9. 29: 12/11. NO CLASS: 9/3, 10/14, 11/19 - 21. Final Exam Period: 12/12 5:45



Class 1: Introductions, (no points) Sketchbook Activity1 (SB1): creative brainstorming of ideas, document 20 different ideas for compelling subjects for drawing.


Class 2: Measuring/Rendering - Pencil (Pe), Large White Drawing Pad (DP), Er. Purpose: change of approach from previous class, to begin to learn how to accurately render what is seen. Sketchbook Activity2 (SB2): Do a measured drawing of an interior space.


Class 3: Measuring Continued - Pe, DP, Er. Purpose: to practice and better learn the techniques of measuring and to begin to incorporate the varieties of line quality. Sketchbook Activity3 (SB3): Do 15 compositional thumbnails of a single idea in order to develop the most interesting graphic way to present the idea.


Class 4: Line Quality & Expression - All drawing materials (All), Ink, DP Purpose: to make more interesting, expressive yet understandable drawings by expanding the range and variety of line; to be able to draw from the imagination; to train the hand. SB4: Do a drawing with 5 distinct and different types of line, using line to clarify form and space. Homework: Bring some object that is complex to draw class.


Class 5: Line Quality & Rendering - All drawing materials (All), Ink, DP. Purpose: to make more interesting, expressive yet understandable drawings by expanding the range and variety of line; To apply measuring techniques on a different scale


Class 6: Cross Contour - Pe, NP or DP. Purpose: to use line direction (and later mark making) to describe the three dimensionality of a form on a flat surface. Homework for Portfolio 1: Finish all assigned forms, 3 different but successful: spheres, cubes, pyramids, lumps, cylinders & cones - both hollow and solid. Place some forms in a variety of different spaces. EXAGGERATE curves, spacing and line quality. SKETCHBOOKS DUE NEXT CLASS.


Class 7: Cross Contour - Pe, Pens optional, DP. Purpose: to use line direction (and later mark making) and line quality to describe three dimensionality and apply these techniques to creative work. 3pts. TURN IN SKETCHBOOK TODAY, 4 SB activities and 3 hours of free drawing. Homework for Portfolio 1: Finish today’s drawing.


Class 8: Formula Shading - Ch, Pe, Er, DP. Purpose: to learn how to craft the look of 3-dimensional space on the flat 2-dimensional surface of paper using value and logic. SB5: Draw 3 3d forms of your choice and render each once with Formula Shading and once with Cross Contour Lines Homework for Portfolio 1: Finish all assigned forms: sphere, cube, pyramid, cylinders, cones, lumps.


Class 9: Formula Shading and Measuring - Ch, Pe, Er, DP. Purpose: To integrate the ideas of measuring and rendering with formula shading; combining what you see with conventions to communicate what you know. Homework: Come to class 10 prepared with an idea to draw a scene that expresses near and far in the light of day.


Class 10: Atmospheric Perspective & Graphite Techniques - Graphite, Gamsol, stiff brush, White Conte, Stump, DP. Purpose: to learn how to create a sense of deep space by examining the many kinds of changes that occur over a large area or space and integrating them into graphite drawing using multiple techniques. Homework for Portfolio 1: Finish today’s drawing.


Classes 11-12: 1 Point and 2 Point Perspective - Pe, Er, DP, Ruler. Purpose: to learn how to effectively make the size of objects recede into the distance, control point of view and review line quality. SB6: 20 thumbnails documenting ideas for future projects


Class 13: 3 Point Perspective - Pe, Er, DP, Ruler. Purpose: to learn how to and appropriately use of 3 point perspective and review atmospheric perspective. HW: Have 3 ideas worked out that you are excited about trying for a finished drawing that includes perspective. Due Next Class: Portfolio Review 1


Classes 14 - 15: Perspective, Shading, Imagination - Choice, DP, Ruler. (No points for either class.) Purpose: to create a finished work and to combine the elements we have studied individually so far; to do creative work and to get personal help on particular and individual drawing problems. Class 14: Turn in Portfolio 1 for review. Homework for Portfolio 2: 3-4 hours to finish drawing. SB7: Sketch the same idea in 1, 2, and 3 point perspective and from a variety of different eye levels.


Class 16: Mark Making and Surface All materials, DP. Purpose: to look at the surface of the drawing, the marks we make and how the mark can be the actual subject of the drawing. How we draw can be even more important than what we draw!


Class 17: Ink - ink, soft brush, pens, DP. Purpose: to introduce the use and style of ink. Due next class: Sketchbooks.


Class 18 Self Expression and Personal Style rendered thru Marks (no points) Purpose: to experiment and develop both personal content and style to make drawings individual and meaningful. Turn In Sketchbooks SB activities 5 - 7 plus 5+ hours of free drawing and idea development. Homework for Portfolio 2: Finish Self Expression project, 6+ hours


Class 19: Duality lecture & Self Expression continued. Purpose: to learn ways to communicate content thru visual language. Homework for Portfolio 2: Finish Self Expression project, 6+ hours SB8: Find your own idea for each: Transformation, Substitution, Juxtaposition.


Class 20: Composition - Pe, Er, Ch, DP. Purpose: to find creative content, draw from the imagination and examine compositional possibilities. SB9: brainstorm 10 different compositional variations for each of 3 different ideas for your final project and document them with thumbnail sketches and text.


Classes 21 - 23: Positive\Negative Space, Pe, Ink or Markers, Color optional, DP. Purpose, to develop more dynamic compositions by exploring different ways to consider and balance space. Class 22, lecture and exercises. Classes 22-23 Idea and project development for Positive Negative space piece to be rendered in ink. Homework for Portfolio 2: Finish Positive/Negative Space project.


Classes 24 - 26: Photo Portrait - A large, clear photo that has a likeness to a person, a Xerox copy of that photo, ruler, Pe, Er, Stump, DP. (no points classes 25-26)

Purpose: to learn how to use a photo to develop a new and unique work of art, not to merely copy it but enhance it; introduction to the grid system, to learn how to achieve a likeness with clear 3-dimensionality, add an artistic stamp, and how to sustain a longer drawing. Must have: likeness, an invented element, unique composition based on minimum 10 thumbnails, Formula Shading, Atmospheric Perspective, stylistic emphasis, background HW: Finish Portrait for Portfolio 3.

Sketchbook due class 25. SB activities 8 & 9 plus 3+ hours of free drawing.


Classes 27-30: Final Project - DP, your choice of media. (No points for these classes.) DUE CLASS 28: Portfolio 2 Purpose: to develop a sustained drawing as a work of art, to encounter and solve problems individual to the artist and to gain independence, to depict content via use of a visual narrative, graphic pun, symbolism or metaphor, must be 15+ hours of work. You can incorporate one additional color. HW: Finish Project for Portfolio 3.



Summer Painting Schedule - Subject to Change:


For assignment instructions, information and demos see: www. tyleralpern.com\paint1.html


Level 1

Starting Class 6 ALL LEVELS: in addition to the projects listed below, students will produce a separate small 15 minute painting each class period. Every assigned painting must have at least 10 compositional sketches completed before image is put on canvas.


Class 1: Intro, Art Store



Class 2 - 3: Color Mixing, Value Charts & Simultaneous Contrast (B)

Purpose: To learn how to see value, temperature and saturation in color, to understand color theory, to learn how colors mix, how to darken, lighten and neutralize them. To learn how to change a color’s value and intensity with different surroundings.


Class 4: Value Matching / Complement Mixing (B)

Purpose: To fully understand complementary colors and seeing value. To develop technique with brush.



Class 5: Shading / Optical Mixing (A -D)

Purpose: To test knowledge of color theory, develop color choices, understand optical mixing, gain confidence with the brush and finding imagery.



Class 6 - 8: Layering and Transparency (A -F )

Purpose: To learn how to craft a painting using an underpainting, to begin to find an artistic voice.



Class 9 - 12: Beyond Local Color (A - E)

Purpose: To learn how value is more important than hue in crafting an image. To find expressive, personal color.



Class 13 - 16: Depth/ Atmospheric Perspective - Build canvas (A -F )

Purpose: To learn how to craft a deep three dimensional sense of space on a flat surface.



Class 17 - 20: Final Project (A-D), Final Exam (#18), Final Critique (#20) (F, G)

Purpose: To build a canvas and use what you have learned to craft an image of your own design and style with instructor’s help.




Level 2

Class 1: Intro, lecture on Elements and Principles of Art, begin painting.

Class 1 - 4: Elements of Design, Pacing.

Class 5 - 10: Surface & Mark: Subtractive (A-F)

Surface & Mark: Additive (A-F)

Class 11 - 13: Flat Color & Text (A-F)

Class 14 - 16: Non Traditional Support (A-F)

Class 17 - 20: Final Project, Final Critique (#20) (G)



Level 3

Class 1: Intro, lecture on Elements and Principles of Art, begin painting.

Class 1 - 4: New Techniques & Principles of Art (A, D, F)

Class 5 - 7: Edge Quality and Overlap (A - G)

Class 8 - 10: Surface: Projected Collage & Painterly Rendering (A, C-G)

Class 11 - 16: Creative Challenge: Metaphor, Transformation or Visual Pun (A, C-F) or

Cubist Space & Shading - Multiple views, passage of time or movement(A, C-G)

Class 16 - 20: Final Project, Final Critique (#20) (A, C-H)




Level 4


Class 1: Intro, begin painting.

Class 1 -20: 2 Distinct Series, Artist’s Statement/web due: Class 18

Final Critique Class 20. (A -I)








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